Meet our Learning Experiences Staff! 

Miss Lakin; Education Specialist | 563-336-7299


Miss Lakin is an Education Specialist at the Putnam. She provides programming through learning experiences for a variety of audiences at the Museum and in the community, and provides enrichment for after-school programs in the Quad City area.  Lakin started working at the Putnam in 2015. She enjoys connecting with and serving visitors in multiple ways, and engaging audiences in a variety of different settings.
Lakin received her bachelor’s degree in Book Arts and Graphic Design, with a minor in Business Management from St. Ambrose University. At Ambrose, she enjoyed working at the Catich Gallery and in the St. Ambrose Archives and Special Collections department.  Her passion for community and education grew during her internship experience as an education assistant at the Figge Art Museum.  At the Putnam, she enjoys teaching science and history in interactive ways through hands-on activity and experimentation. She finds encouraging curiosity and creative thinking while making connections to everyday life with the diverse exhibits featured at the Putnam rewarding.   
Currently, her favorite area in the museum features the Putnam’s 150th anniversary community photos. The display spans across the walls of the upper and lower levels of the Putnam’s grand lobby. The black and white photos, taken by Tom Styrkowicz, make an impact in the large space and celebrate the diverse community members of the Quad City area. She loves that community members came together at the Putnam to celebrate their history, experiences, family, and personalities in and through each photograph. 
If Lakin could have one item from the Putnam’s collection to call her own she would love to have an item from the Beautiful Bugs display cases. She would love to have the beetle and butterfly specimens that are arranged in a circular burst pattern to have for her self. She loves that the bugs are displayed in a way that is elegant and focuses on their beauty. The display highlights how scientists and artist find inspiration from iridescence found in nature.

Miss Chelsey; Program Facilitator 

Ann Gaydosh; Guest Program Content and Curriculum Design Coordinator 
Ann Gaydosh is serving as our guest Program Content and Curriculum Design Coordinator. Along with a team, Ann helps develop content for visitors and design materials for teachers and their classes, who have not been able to attend the Putnam's IMMERSE program due to COVID-19 restrictions. Through Ann’s leadership these students will still be able to enjoy the Putnam's science galleries through our production of digital materials and a virtual visit for each exhibit.

Abby Klug; Museum Services Liaison 
Abby Klug began at the Putnam as an intern while a Master’s student at Western Illinois University-Quad Cities through the Museum Studies program. During her internship, she worked on the initial prototyping of the Weather and Science of the Arts galleries. Now, as a Museum Services Liaison, Abby gets to work with the education team on formulating signage and content for the galleries based on interactives and visitor input.

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