STEM Education

The Putnam Museum’s Science Center opened with a focus on important science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) content areas and careers.

With a variety of high-tech, low-tech and innovative pieces of equipment, the Science Center allows visitors of all ages and backgrounds to experience STEM concepts in a unique, hands-on and engaging way.

National and state school curricular guidelines and input from area educators, administrators, STEM professionals and industry leaders were used to select appropriate topics that support classroom curriculums and our region’s teachers. The atmosphere supports and encourages inquiry-based, hands-on exploration for learners of all ages.

Hands-on (or informal) learning environments such as the Science Center support STEM learning for people of all ages and backgrounds. This type of learning occurs when visitors can relate to STEM topics through user friendly interactive stations.

In our increasingly technological world, a community’s success is directly influenced by the ideas and skills of its population. STEM education starting from a young age will inevitably help to ensure our society continues to make fundamental discoveries and advance our understanding of ourselves and our surroundings in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Science Center

Visitors will learn concepts & make connections to STEM careers and will have fun together doing it!
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