• An Expanding Reach

    700 third- through fifth-graders served annually.
  • A Boost For Educators

    100% of teachers report students are able to delve more deeply.
  • An Unforgettable Experience

    "I got inspired, smarter, and stronger! It was the time of my life. I will definitely tell my future kids this story!"


Hands-on learning makes an impact

Imagine if you took a fifth grade classroom and literally “immersed” it into the Putnam for one week. The teacher and students would have access to all the tools, resources and exhibits the Putnam has to offer, supporting a unique lesson plan for the week.
Imagine no more, because that’s exactly what the Putnam Education Department did with IMMERSE!

is in the midst of its third full year, and is making a difference. For example, 95% of teachers report it increased the impact of their teaching.

BRIDGING the 'learning gap'

DID YOU KNOW: Children living in low-income settings receive 6,000 fewer enrichment hours than children from well-resourced households by the time they reach sixth grade. This puts young people at a disadvantage — leading to a lifetime of lost opportunities. 

a drive to achieve

IMMERSE provides mostly low-income students (at least 80% from Title I schools), as well as teachers, with unique, extended opportunities to delve deeply into their coursework with the Putnam’s resources infused into their regular curriculum as they attended school here for a week.
During IMMERSE's 2017 pilot, five Davenport Community School District classrooms (Grade 5) and three East Moline School District classrooms (Grades 3 and 4) studied at the Putnam thanks to funds from The Hubbell-Waterman Foundation.

This year, IMMERSE is set to host 30 classes of students from the Davenport, East Moline and Rock Island-Milan school districts.


You can sponsor an educational experience of a lifetime.
Contact Nisha Ladlee at 563-336-7290 or nladlee@putnam.org.

Thank you to our 2019-20 funders

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