Summer Camps 2019

NOTE: Some camps are full, but cancellations happen. Please call 563-336-7308 to join the wait list.

UPDATE: Spots at some of the Engineering Kids Camps, July 22-26, have opened up, but space is limited. Register before it's too late.

It's never too early to start planning your summer! Register today to give your child a summer full of fun and discovery with amazing experiences at the Putnam!

These memorable summer camp programs are available for youth entering kindergarten through Grade 8. Additional material costs may apply, and pre-registration is required, as space is limited and certain summer camps are quick to sell out.

Got a question? Contact Education Services Coordinator Bridget Boyd-Carlson at 563-336-7308 or email Scholarship opportunities also are available.

Summer Camp PDF Flyer/Registration

what about before- & after-care?

• Full-day Camps: Before- and after-care is available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. only for full-day weeklong camps for an additional charge ($5 before; $5 after; or $10 per day).
• Half-day Camps: Before-care is available for a $5 fee, and lunchtime extended care is provided at no charge for campers who opt to combine two half-day camps for a full-day experience. After-care is not available for half-day camps.


Fee: $175 | Members $165 (Additional fees may apply)


JUNE 10 - 14, 9 AM - 3 PM | Grades 3 - 5 | SOLD OUT
Enter Platform 9¾ to discover the Midwest’s premiere witch and wizard academy. Attend classes in potions, charms and transfiguration while still making time for Quidditch practice. Let our knowledgeable professors show you the Muggle explanations for our amazing feats of magic. And it’s a special year! This season, the Putnam will be hosting the Triwizard Tournament! Gryffindor or Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, help your house gather house points and see who will be House Champions!
Spells & Potions Fee: $10

Code, Create & Animate!

JUNE 24 - 28, 9 AM - 3 PM | Grades 3 - 5
This camp is perfect for kids who have great imaginations, like figuring out how things work or simply love technology. Students will learn basic coding for our resident robots and learn how to code an interactive story or create a game using SCRATCH! This summer, campers will meet the Putnam's NEW “cobot” (collaborative robot), Baxter, and learn what it takes to train him. See what this 306-pound machine is capable of with Baxter's 8.5-foot arm span, and see emotions expressed with his animated eyes. Code, Create & Animate! camp is generously sponsored by Terrostar.


Create Your Own Superhero

JULY 8 - 12, 9 AM - 3 PM | Grades 4 - 6
Whether you are new to the superhero world or a lifelong fan, come join us at the Putnam to learn how to create your own superhero! Whether you’ve never drawn before or are an experienced artist, you’ll have fun writing and illustrating your very own comic book. Discover the world of superheroes and then create your own!


JULY 29 - AUG. 2, 9 AM - 3 PM | Grades 4 - 6 | Register
Join other survivors to discover the necessary skills to outlast the zombie apocalypse. Learn what will help you survive in the wilderness: edible plants, water filtration, dangerous animals and first aid, while also discovering skills to help you survive the apocalypse in a city. Build your own shelter, master an obstacle course and disguise yourself as a zombie. Learn all this and more at Putnam’s Camp Z.
S.O.S. Handbook Fee: $5


Two-Day Camps

Fee: $75

american girl - SOLD OUT!

JULY 1 & 2, 9 AM - 3 PM | Grades 1 - 3 | SOLD OUT
Bring yourself and your favorite American Girl doll for fun crafts and girl power at the Putnam! Discover the real-life adventures of the brave American Girls who helped to shape the United States while you explore the Putnam artifacts that the American Girls used during everyday life. Learn more about yourself and how YOU can you make a difference!

Artiste de Voyage 

JULY 1 & 2, 9 AM - 3 PM | Grades 4 - 6
Seeking creative, adventurous and curious kids: At Artiste de Voyage, campers will learn exciting techniques to make beautiful art projects inspired by cultures from around the globe. We will visit Indonesia, Japan, Mexico and India. Gain insight into these cultures and bring home amazing creations to share their knowledge and art with their family and friends.
Artist Fee: $5


Weeklong Half-Day Camps

Fee: $90 | $80 members (Additional fees may apply)

Jr. Oceanographers

JUNE 3 - 7, 9 AM - NOON | Grades K - 2 
How do animals survive in the deep sea? Do fish have a sense of smell? Why do some objects float in the ocean and others sink? Investigate these questions and more as you learn about the creatures in the ocean and discover how our ocean works.


JUNE 17 - 21, 9 AM - NOON | Grades K - 2 | SOLD OUT
Do you love books? Are you a dinosaur enthusiast? Bring your imagination and join us on an adventure back in time 65 million years to the Cretaceous Period. Jack and Annie find themselves in another exciting predicament and we get to tag along! We will have morning story time followed by games, projects, and crafts inspired by the fun facts and mysteries uncovered in our summer reading.

Code & GO! - SOLD OUT!

JUNE 17 - 21, 1 - 4 PM Grades K - 2 | SOLD OUT
What do a caterpillar, a mouse and “Dot” have in common? They are basic robots that can be programmed by a child! Campers will have fun as they learn to “play” with these robots and learn a little about coding and programming along the way. Code & Go! camp is generously sponsored by Terrostar.


Meteorology mania

JULY 15 - 19, 9 AM - NOON | Grades 3 - 5
Are you fascinated by the atmospheric phenomenon known to us as weather? Do you have a passion for meteorology? Do you dream of being a storm chaser one day? Join us and other campers as we explore together during this fun camp.

Flight Academy

JULY 15 - 19, 1 - 4 PM | Grades 3 - 5
Students take to the skies and explore the thrills of life at 30,000 feet with dynamic, hands-on, flight-based activities. Campers will “fly” alongside the aviation experts of the world, taking quick detours to examine the history of flight as they follow in the footsteps of the Wright brothers and da Vinci by creating extraordinary flying machines! 
Carry-on Fee: $5
Flight Academy camp is generously sponsored by Cobham.


Engineering kids camp

Day Camps (9 AM - 3 PM) | Fee: $37
New Half-Day Camps are SOLD OUT, but call to join our waitlist! | Fee: $20

Choose one of the following days:
  • July 24 (9 a.m. - Noon): Grades K-2 | SOLD OUT!
  • July 24 (1 - 4 p.m.): Grades K-2 | SOLD OUT!
  • July 25 (9 a.m. - Noon): Grades K-2 | SOLD OUT!
  • July 25 (1 - 4 p.m.): Grades K-2 | SOLD OUT!
This camp is an exciting, engaging experience for your young innovator. Fun, imaginative sessions including LEGO® robotics, a GIANT Screen 3D film, the opportunity to create and learn side by side engineers from Iowa State University and the Quad City Engineering & Science Council await your camper!

Engineering Kids Camps are generously sponsored by the Iowa State University College of Engineering, 

NOTE: No before- or after-care available is available throughout the week of Engineering Camp. Please remember to pack a brown-bag lunch for this action-packed day!

Engineering Camp PDF Flyer/Registration



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