Rube Goldberg™, The World of Hilarious Invention! - NOW OPEN!!

Discover the creative process behind Rube Goldberg’s machines and build your own with the Rube Goldberg™, The World of Hilarious Invention! exhibit... LEARN MORE

The Dragon and the Rising Sun

Discover rare and dazzling artifacts and artwork from the Putnam's vault on display for a limited time! LEARN MORE

The Great Collectors & YOU

Find out whether that piece in your child's collection is a geode, a trilobite, a fragment of fossil coral or a shell from the Mississippi River... LEARN MORE

Touch the untouchable with Augmented Reality!

Interact with dinosaurs in real time with the area's first AR experience, featuring the NEW "Back to the Jurassic" feature! LEARN MORE

Explore Science

Science Center

An inspiring, hands-on experience for everyone! Interacting with a bilingual robot, launching rockets and discovering the power of 230,000 volts... LEARN MORE

Uncover History

River, Prairie & People

The River, Prairie and People exhibit is packed with Quad Cities history — and a spooky surprise for the month of October! LEARN MORE

Unearthing Ancient Egypt

Step into an ancient Egyptian tomb, discover how ancient Egyptians lived and what they required for a pleasant afterlife. Through a collection of... LEARN MORE

Uwé Warúmi

Uwe’ Warumi (pronounced Oo-way Wah roomey – the Trading Place − while enjoyable for all visitors, was especially designed for children ages 4-10... LEARN MORE

Discover the natural world

Black Earth | Big River

Cross over the bridge and let the River guide you through the natural habitats of the Quad Cities area. Explore wetlands, woodlands, prairies and... LEARN MORE

Hall of Mammals

Explore the world of mammals at the Putnam! LEARN MORE

Ocean Experience

Designed especially for kids and families, the Ocean Experience features different underwater habitats – from kelp forests and coral reefs to tidal... LEARN MORE
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