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Illowa Collection, 1991-47
Inclusive dates: 1987-1990
Scope Notes
The collection is comprised of 31 images (including 27 color negatives, 4 b&w negatives, 1 color print, and 2 b&w prints) related to construction projects involving members of the Illowa Construction Labor and Management Council. Images include those related to construction of the Quad-City Times building, Quad City Metropolitan Airport expansion, Steamboat Landing, Centennial Bridge lighting, Skip-A-Long Day Care Center, Augustana Library, Nichols-Homeshield, Brady Street Stadium, Moline Superblock, and Illini Med Center, as well as some Illowa meetings and images of Labor Day parades. Original images in possession of donor, Illowa Construction Labor and Management Council.
Folder 1
Inventory, negatives (31)
Folder 2
Prints (3)


Iowa Sesquicentennial Collection 1997-66 and 1998-86
Inclusive dates: 1994-1996
Scope Notes
This collection contains material related to Scott County's celebration of Iowa Sesquicentennial (150th anniversary of statehood) in 1996. The material was collection and donated by Scott County Sesquicentennial Committee Chair Carol Ehlers. The collection consists of archival materials including news releases, reports, newspaper articles, brochures and travel and 13 color photographs related to celebration events, especially the Big River Rendezvous held in October 1996.
See separate inventory in box for archival material.
Subject Cross Reference
Boats & Boating--Shorelines (1998.86.5, 7, 8)
Boats & Boating--Riverboats--Bettendorf (1998.86.8)
Boats & Boating--Riverboats--Delta Queen (1998.86.7)
Boats & Boating--Riverboats--Harriet Bishop (1997.66.30)
Boats & Boating--Riverboats--Queen of Hearts (1997.66.29)
Dams (1998.86.6)
Holidays & Celebrations--Centennial--Misc.
Parades (1998.86.1, 2, 3)
Recreation--Camping & Outings (1998.86.5, 6)
Transportation--Wagons (1998.86.1,
Portraits--Unidentified Woman (1997.66.31)

I.I. (Iowa-Illinois) Gas & Electric Collection, 1983-57
Inclusive dates: ca. 1919-1957
Scope notes
This collection consists of 24 8x10 black & white copy prints made from photographs from the collection of Iowa Illinois Gas & Electric Co. Photographs record production and recreation activities of employees as well as plant sites and facilities. Peoples Light Co., M.R.I. Manufacturing Co. and Tri-City Railway Co. are corporate names also identified in this collection   

Irish Collection 1959-101
Inclusive dates: 1869-1890
Scope Notes
This collection consists of 18 photographs collected by C.W. Irish (a Davenport Civil engineer). Images relate to railroads, solar eclipse and lunar photography.
Folder 1
Railroads (4 photos)
Folder 2
Solar eclipse (7 photos). Lunar photography (7 photos).


Inclusive dates: 19370c. 1985
Scope Notes
The collection is comprised of 34 images (12 color negatives and 14 b&w negatives) of International Union of Operating Engineers members. The collection covers various local unions of the IUOE including #426 and #537. The earlier images are group portraits of employees at construction sites. Later images include union members visiting the Link-Belt Speeder plant in Cedar Rapids and members working at road and power plant construction sites. Original photographs in possession of the donor, International Union of Operating Engineers Local #537.

Ives Collection, 1999-97
Dates: c. 1937-40
Scope Notes
This collection consists of 6 black and white copy prints and negatives made from original photographs in scrapbook in the possession of donor Alicia Ives. Photograph are related to her father, Paul Ives.
Image Description
1999.97.1         Marge Meinert, WOC pianist, with Paul Ives, holding a recording of "Senorita", recorded by Ms. Meinert, c . 1947-49
1999.97.2         Groups photograph of Quad City Times columnist Shirley Davis, Paul Ives and Susie Bell, c. 1980S?
1999.97.3         Exterior view of Paramount Publix Theatre in Nebraska, which was managed by Paul Ives, c. 1940S
1999.97.4         Paul Ives soliciting donations for the Lion's club, c. 1985-92?
1999.97.5         Group photograph taken at ground breaking for WOC television station, Paul Ives is 4th from left, Mrs. David Palmer and daughters, and David Palmer in center, c. 1959 –1960
1999.97.6         Paul Ives receiving the Governor's Award from Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, c. 1985-92?
Subject Cross Reference
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