Nature's Blueprints: Biomimicry in Art and Design

Nature’s Blueprints brings together art and design with environmental science using artifacts, artworks and photography, as well as interactive... LEARN MORE

The Colors of Culture

The Colors of Culture is an original Putnam exhibit explores the meanings of colors to people of different cultures. LEARN MORE

OMg! Elements of Surprise

Discover the weird and wonderful Periodic Table with the original Putnam exhibit, OMg! Elements of Surprise! LEARN MORE

Birds and You

Birds and You examines the role we all can play in protecting and preserving the birds we see every day in our backyards and fields. LEARN MORE

Faces of the Past

Faces of the Past is an original Putnam exhibit that explores portraiture around the world and across time as a reflection of self-identity... LEARN MORE

Explore Science

Science Galleries

Areas of the reimagined Science Center are open! An inspiring, hands-on experience for everyone! LEARN MORE

Uncover History

River, Prairie & People

River, Prairie and People takes visitors back in time as they discover what the Quad Cities was like for its earliest inhabitants, and how the... LEARN MORE

Unearthing Ancient Egypt

Step into an ancient Egyptian tomb, discover how ancient Egyptians lived and what they required for a pleasant afterlife. LEARN MORE

Discover the natural world

Black Earth | Big River

Cross over the bridge and let the River guide you through the natural habitats of the Quad Cities area. Explore wetlands, woodlands, prairies and... LEARN MORE

Hall of Mammals

Explore the world of mammals at the Putnam! LEARN MORE

Fossils and Minerals

These spaces feature rotating displays from our rock, mineral and gem collections and our paleontology collections. LEARN MORE
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